Saturday, May 22, 2010

To 4th Grade I go.....and All Boys Again!!!

2010-2011 assignments came out yesterday and I can honestly say I am SO PUMPED about my assignment for next year. I am moving back to 4th grade and taking about 1/2 of my current class with me!! Some of the parents of my little friends decided that the Single Gender classroom was not the place for their son, and we (me, my grade level team, AP and Principal) decided that the Single Gender classroom was not the place for some of my little friends. Right now my roster looks awesome!! 19 boys...make that 19 amazing young men ready to leave South Carolina history behind and tackle Social Studies from a more global perspective! And I love the stories we read in 4th grade (I taught 4th for 2 years prior to moving to 3rd last year) and I have some amazing read alouds ready to introduce them to...including Rick Riordan's newest series the Kane Chronicles- The Red Pyramid....based on Egyptian mythology!!

I had another possible assignment in the hopper, and at the time, I thought it would be a sweet deal, but now that I know where I am going next year...and that I will be teaching what I consider to be the dream class (someone remind me that I said this next Spring when they are almost 5th graders and driving me a little crazy!) I am super excited. At least I will not be spending my summer learning a new program/curriculum...instead, I will be lounging by the pool reading a new stack of "boy books" on Amazon for books for my class library...and getting ready to have a fabulous year with a fabulous group of boys!!!


tSeaJake said...

I am VERY excited for you!! Don't you just love fourth grade?!? I think it's the best! Someday we'll teach it together! ;) How fun would that be?!?! Anyway, those boys are lucky to have you... again! Love you friend! It's been great getting to see you more this week!

Mrs. B. said...

Thanks Tara! Yes, I really do love 4th grade. I am already working on lots of hands-on stuff for them, especially for Science & SS. I look forward to the day we teach it together, until then, enjoy those two preciosu little ones..we'll keep the light on for you!
PS- I am excited you are goignto be with us through next week....6 more days! Yay!

Literacy Teacher said...

That is awesome! I am eagerly awaiting my relaxation time by the pool! LOL