Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back to School.....with 17 Boys!!

The first day of school is only 2 days away...YIKES!! I would love to say I am ready for my boys, but that would make my nose grow! I am excited about a new year, and new classroom, and working with my new 3rd grade team....and yes, my 17 little 3rd grade friends, all of the male gender!! I love the first days of school, new books, pencils, clothes, is going to be a great year! I can feel it!

I saw my roster Friday. And while it is still subject to change, I saw lots of familiar names. Many of the boys I will have in class this year were in the single-gender program last year. And they were in class with my son Noah. Noah will be going back to our neighborhood school this year. But I feel like I already have a bond with many of these boys because I know them through him. I am also excited to have the brother of one of the boys I taught last year in 4th grade in my 3rd grade class this year. I already have an established relationship with his family and while I know both boys are different, I know this one already from having his brother last year. They have a younder brother in 2nd grade and hopefully I will get him next year as well.

So ready or not...the school year is started. It is ging to be a wild ride, so bookmark my blog and follow us on our adventure....

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