Friday, February 12, 2010

#12 ---I "heart" Valentine's Day!!!

Being a teacher of all boys definitely has its privileges...and this never more evident than on Valentine's Day (or the Friday before!!).

My little friends showed me lots of love today!! I received flowers (tulips AND roses), boxes of chocolates (yes, multiple, including a HUGE Hershey's Kiss), cards (homemade and store-bought), balloons, even a stuffed skunk (as in stuffed ANIMAL, not the taxidermy kind)..still scratching my head at that one, wondering if that student was trying to tell me I stink, my teaching stinks or both!!!

They were so proud of themselves as they came in the classroom this morning, carrying their gifts. One by one, they came to my desk and said "Happy Valentines Day!" and presented me with the gifts they had brought me! Of course I made over each one and gave out lots of hugs! I even felt a little guilty after posting yesterday about the frustration they have been causing me over homework! And while we were not "officially" having a Valentine's Day party, they also brought lots of cards and candy for their friends.

I had a few treats in store for them, so later as we headed to lunch, I grabbed the box of homemade cupcakes I had made for them. They LOVE getting treats at lunch (especially homemade cupcakes and cookies). So we enjoyed our strawberry cupcakes with strawberry icing and sprinkles and went about our day! We would exchange cards and candy right before packing up later in the day.

Last year, when I taught an all boy 4th grade class, they just were not into the whole Valentine thing...I wondered if it was the age...and their concern about how they are perceived by their peers (the whole giving another dude a Valentine card thing must be SO 3rd grade!!) But my 3rd graders genuinely were excited about giving and receiving Valentines today. It brought back wonderful memories of my own elementary school days. You remember, when we all decorated a shoebox like this to collect all the valentines from our classmates. I guess kids don't do that anymore because my son came home today with his all collected in a brown paper lunch sack.

But enough of that trip down memory like all days, I am proud to be the teacher of 16 of the cutest, funniest, sweetest, mischievous, some times aggravating, always motivating 3rd grade boys in all of South Carolina!! Maybe even the whole world.

Yes, I "heart" Valentines Day!! So today, even the runaway hamster got a treat!


Kristine said...

Oh how cute! I bet you are such an awesome teacher! I wish my boys had you! And, where do you get your pictures? I was very impressed with the shoebox...let me tell you, it doesn't look that good in our house, even if mom helps. It is impossible to wrap those darn things perfectly. Oh we are soooooooo craft-challenged here!

Mrs. B. said...

Thanks Kris. I would have loved to have taught your boys...I rememeber the problems you had with M's teachers at ashland. Hopefully he has had better once since then!!

As far as the picture, I ususally "borrow" them ..keeping my fingers crossed I don't get a nasty email asking me to take them down (I do make sure there are no copyright statement attached).