Friday, February 5, 2010

#5- Freaky Friday

So, I will admit here in Blogland that I was a wee bit disappointed not to have a snow day today. I know, I know...all we got was rain. But I was hoping the snow and ice fairies would swoop down last night and sprinkle a little magic around and that when my Blackberry alarm went off at 4:45am this morning, and turned on the TV I would see the fabulous words "G_____________ County School -Closed!"

But NO...not even a delay. As I slumped back into my pillow I could hear the pouring rain outside. Well at least I could wear jeans today!! So I decided to put on my Happy it's Friday hat and get my day started.

From the time I left the house, I could tell something was not normal about this day. But not in a bad way. Traffic was not bad (surprising for a rainy day). When I arrived at school and parked, I tried to figure out how I was going to juggle an armload of books , my teacher bag, my coffee AND my umbrella that is so big my entire class could gather under it and not get wet. Before I could formulate a plan, my colleague's middle school teenager appeared and I quickly coaxed him into carrying my books. I would say that I convinced a boy to carry my books but that sounds way creepy!. Score!

Making my way upstairs, I had 13 happy campers waiting for me...two of my boys were absent unfortunately. It was then that I remembered today was "Writing Flex Day." Cr@p!! What was I going to do for 40 minutes with my boys that was writing related (and differentiated by writing ability). I quickly pulled some editing and proof reading practice together. As soon as I began the lesson hands went up. Cr@p AGAIN...they are not getting it, I thought. But they DID! In fact they rocked it. Of course it helps that we have been doing this for homework practically every Wednesday night since the beginning of the year. I decided to reward my little friends with a little tech time on the hand-helds. The hand-helds are these little devices resembling orange cell phones that allow them to interact with moi, the computer, and the Smartboard. SO I pulled out a little multiple choice quiz-thingy and we had a little fun. Again, shocked that this too did not tank my day!!

The rest of the day went swimmingly...with lots of victories to celebrate, including J-man getting a 100% on his spelling test today (he has averaged a 54 all year long). And we had a great discussion about the events leading up to the Civil War including the election of Abraham Lincoln (or as one of my little friends refers to him, that dude with the tall black hat and beard...this friend and I later had a little chat about showing respect and reverence to dead presidents) My little friends didn't even mind when recess was replaced with a chaotic 15 minutes of buddy reading with a 1st grade class (for most boys reading in itself is torture...but reading to a bunch of 1st graders...pure torture). They took it in stride..perhaps because they knew with the monsoon happening outside, we were destined to have indoor recess anyway.

The only blip on the radar of my otherwise freakishly perfect day was when my little friend Mr. L (who resembles the kid Chris from Everybody Hates Chris), got sick at lunch..not at the table, mind you, but in the bathroom. We called Mom, sent him home for a little rest...and went on with our day. I kept pinching myself to make sure I was awake....Fridays are usually crazy (kids --and I are ready for a few days away from each other)...someone usually gets in trouble for breaking a rule for the 112th time, etc. But not so much today...thankfully.

I even got out of work at a reasonable time. It was a great day...we had fun, learned a lot and now its finally the weekend. So I am kind of glad we didn't have a snow day. Who knows if all the stars and planets will align just so ever again for us to have another day like this. But as I replay all the wonderful events of the day..this thought comes to mind. Cr@p!! Did I remember to close the hamster cage before I left today!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Love it! Didn't know you were doing this. And I even get mentioned in a round about way. :)

When do you find the time?

Mrs. B. said...

Thanks Lisa! YEs, you made a guest appearance via Jacob!! Thanks him again for me, for helping out yesterday. Did he have fun being around a bunch of kindergartners all day??

I started this last year and never did much with it..this year either for that matter. But I decided to do a blog challenge in February and post every day this month...trying to build some readership and exposure. Who knows I may get as famous as Ms. Mimi
and get a book deal someday!!