Sunday, February 7, 2010

#7- Preparing for the inevitable...Monday morning!!

There is just something about Sunday night that bring joy into the hearts of parents (at least parents who are not teachers) and fear and dread into the hearts of students and teachers. Now tonight is a little special because most parents, a lot of teachers and probably just as many students are preoccupied with some sporting event that is going on tonight...oh year, the Super Bowl.

Since I teach an all by class, and many of them play football on local rec leagues and have dreams of playing in the NFL, I am expecting a bunch of sleepy boys in the morning. That will not phase me..I will be ready with my amazing lesson plans, dreams of molding their young minds and enough enthusiasm for the whole bunch of us. Remember I will have had MANY cups of coffee before my little friends even cross the thresh hold of my classroom.

I am ready for them. And to assure that they don't just tune me out and go back to sleep....I have some sports themed morning work, some Superbowl trivia AND if I can pull it off...some clips of the Superbowl ads from tonight (which is really the only reason I watch this over promoted event between two teams of players who are over paid and have the morals of a .....okay, I will keep it in perspective.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE teaching boys?!?!...they are full of energy, enthusiasm, energy...well you get the point. Yes, they can be a bit rambunctious...but as long are you have control of the room, and you are genuinely showing that you are passionate about their education and want what is best for them, you can have them eating out of your hand.

So tomorrow I go in there, hyped up on coffee, wearing my "Is it Monday Already" hat and ready to rock their world. And they are never going to know what hit them!!!

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