Thursday, February 18, 2010

#18- Note to self...NEVER take a day off....

It is 8:20pm and I just got home! So let me whine a little bit to you about my day! Let me start by saying I took a sick day yesterday. Not because I was sick (although I seemed to have pulled some kind of muscle in my back and I am having a hard time breathing)...but I had a sick child. As parents, we use our sick days not on ourselves but on our children and their various doctor and dentist appointments. Anyway, but to the point....

So I had a substitute while I was out....and we all know what happens when there is a sub!! It was like throwing chum to the sharks and my boys knew it. They misbehaved like nobody's business. I walked in this morning to a disaster of papers and notes on my desk, including a 4- pager from the sub outlining the various offenses my little friends had committed in my absence yesterday.

So we had a "come to Jesus" meeting right off the bat. Of course to hear them tell it, none of them did anything wrong.Yes, little friend, WE ARE allowed to hit the person walking in front of us in line in the head repeatedly. Oh, and yes, little friend, WE ARE allowed to drum on our desk while everyone else is reading in their Social Studies book, its OK because you were BORED!!! And by all means, little friends, it is ABSOLUTELY okay to NOT sit in your assigned seat, because the sub doesn't know where you are actually supposed to sit (too bad a resource teacher came in and BUSTED you, and ratted you out to the sub!!) And yes, little friend, it certainly IS OKAY for you to call another little friend the MF word because he took your pencil without asking. IT IS ALL OKAY, because your teacher is not here today, and it is 100% OKAY to treat the sub with disrespect....but tomorrow is another day. And your teacher is BACK...and she is writing half-sheet referrals and calling home.

Yes, today I spent an hour and a half after school calling parents to A) inform them of their child's behavior referral that I stapled in their agenda that may or may not have made it home B) that their child was failing one or more subjects and progress reports were going home on Friday or BOTH!!

But I have to give a shout out the the six of my little friends (Blondie, Mr. D, Mr. V, G-Man, The Sweenster, and Camo)...they brought their A-game yesterday, like they do everyday...kept their noses clean, did their work, helped out the sub. For that they will be treated to Rice Krispie treats (store bought of course) and will be dining in "The Cafe" tomorrow for lunch! These little friends are my shining stars....always!!

So anyway, after that glorious 90 minutes of phone calls this afternoon, I had to rush across town to pick up my own child, hit the drive thru at McDonald's to feed him, and rush back to school so I could present at a PTA meeting, help out with Math Night, and then help serve a hot dog supper to our students and their parents.

Yes, it has been a long day. A REALLY long day!! But tomorrow is Friday. And progress reports go home. So, between progress reports and behavior referrals, some of my little friends are going to have a VERY long weekend at home with their parents!!!


Tara said...

First of all, hysterical! Second of all, I am commenting to clarify to your readers that I WAS NOT THE SUB!! haha As soon as I started reading I thought, "Oh man, I hope no one at Grove thinks this nameless sub was me!" lol By the way... I know you all had a long day and I'm SO impressed that you had the energy to still post! You are so dedicated!!

Julie V. said...

I'm sorry, but this made me crack up. The recovery time for being out a day, is twice a day's work to catch up! A veteran teacher gave me a tip, and it worked (for the most part) ever since. Before you know you'll be out, tell the kids that if they are good, they'll get a "treat" and if they are bad they'll get a "trick." If you happen to be out on short notice, I promise they'll remember "trick or treat" and the sub will remind them of this as well. You still have those handful of stinkers that won't change regardless, but it will help keep the other 75% in line. (Part of their positive behavior is based on how clean and organized the classroom is when I get back...another downfall to bein out). I know it sounds like bribery, but this is one of those cases where I don't care, haha!! I hope that helps!!

Mrs. B. said...

Tara- if Widmer hadn;t already nabbed you to sub for her, you know I would have called you. Because when you sub for me, my room is neat, my kids behave and all my papers are graded. Love ya!!!

Julie- That is so awesome. I am going try that next year (here hoping I won't have to be out another day this year)...yes beign out of the classroom reuires so much prep work ahead of time,t hen at least a week to sort thru papers etc the sub left (that is unless Tara is your sub..see above)