Monday, February 1, 2010

Can I do it??? February 28 day Blogchallenge

I have been inspired by Ms. Mimi who blogged every single day last month. SO I am going to try it..I am going to try and blog everyday in February. Heck there are only 28 days (right? right!). I can't promise that they will be fantastic and exciting posts every day..but we'll see!!

To encourage me...I would like to get some more people following me. So sign up on blogger (or if are already a member) and then sign up to follow me and comment at least 5 times (even if it is to day HI. I will do a random drawing on March 1st of all those new followers. And the winner will get.....well you will just have to sign up, comment 5 times and wait and see. It will be go tell your friends!!

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