Thursday, February 4, 2010

#4 Some days I can really relate to Charlie Brown's teacher!!

I know..I know...they are 9 years old and they are boys..but some days I have to repeat myself so many times that I feel like Charlie Brown's know..mwah, mwah, mwah, mwah!!!
Today I could have recorded my voice saying the following: get your pencil out, stop talking, make sure you write your name/number on your paper, stop talking, turn around, stop talking, open your book, stop talking, copy down your homework, stop get the message.
I have tried everything and I am open for suggestions. I have tried writing instructions on the board (they don't read them), waiting until I have every one's attention (this takes FOREVER, and you never truly have every one's attention), giving rewards, giving punishments, trying to not to talk too much or too long (those of us who are married KNOW that men tune you out after about 90 seconds). Nothing seems to work.
After another frustrating day of it I was not sure what I was going to do, short of showing them a clip of Charlie Brown's teacher and asking them if that is what I sound like...but I am not sure my self-esteem can handle it...9 year old boys can be brutally honest. So I did what all good teachers do...I Googled it! And this is what I found....How to Get Elementary Students to Pay Attention There are a few really good ideas in here...oh, and I have tried the circus ticket thing...and it does work for a while but then the novelty wears off (and you go broke buying rewards). I do think I might try the clapping thing or the flashlight idea.....hopefully we'll have some success..I'll be sure to blog about it if we do. In the mean time...enjoy a little clip of Charlie Brown's teacher and think of me!!! Charlie Brown's Teacher Video

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