Monday, February 8, 2010

#8- This, boys and girls, is what we call foreshadowing...

If you read this post on Friday, you remember me joking around about whether I remembered to close the lid to the hamster cage before I left on Friday. Note to self: never joke about leaving the lid to the hamster cage open over the weekend!!

Now, let me back up a bit. When I got our little furry friend, a colleague of mine told me that in the winter they turn the heat off in the building and she had a hamster freeze to death last year. So since she shared that little tidbit I have nervously entered my classroom every morning, fearing that out little furry friend would be dead.

So this morning I came into my classroom and immediately went over to the cage. Cr@p! No hamster..where was she. I looked all over the the wheel, under all the shredded paper...everywhere. As I moved the cage around I noticed the top was not securely snapped. Cr@p! When I cleaned the cage on Friday I must not have closed it tightly. She squeezed her little hamster behind through the opening at the top of the cage. As I surveyed the counter, thinking she might be hiding behind something, I noticed a pile of hamster food on the counter. That little fur ball genius, not only escaped, she went back and forth in and out of the cage bringing out food to fuel her little adventure!!

I quickly went across the hall to another classroom to get some help in hunting for our Houdini hamster. We searched my room (the opening under my classroom door is so small, we are figuring there was no way she could slide underneath it to escape. Of course I didn't think she could slip out of the cage either. After searching for about 30 minutes we decided to notify the front office that a rodent was on the loose in the 2 & 3rd grade hall.

A few minutes late our building engineer, Bobby J came in, grinning from ear to ear. Apparently this was funny to him. He poked around, lifted up a few things, but no hamster. Surprisingly, my boys did not notice the furry one was missing until lunch time when they were lining up to go out of the room. S I broke the news to them. Being 8/9 year olds, they are optimistic that she will, not so much. But just in case, I put fresh food and water in her cage, and placed it on the floor with the door open. If she comes to eat, she is going to have to eventually, do you know what, so she will leave a little evidence behind. At least we will know she is still in the classroom somewhere.

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Christine said...

Oh no! I hope she finds her way back. Poor little rodent.