Sunday, February 28, 2010

#28-- I did it!!! a whole month of posts.....

Wow, when I started this challenge 28 days ago I was not sure I could do it. When would I find the time? Would I find topics worth blogging about? Well I made it..and I think it turned out pretty well. Only one day, when I was really having some severe back pain, did I skip, but I made up for it the next day! And I have to was fun. Especially logging on each day to see if I had new followers or any comments. Speaking of both, I am going to draw the winner of my contest tomorrow. I will post the winner Tuesday morning!! There is still time..if you have not left a comment...leave one by midnight tonight and I will include you in the drawing.

So what am I going to do now?? Well, I am not going to make any promises, but I am going to try and continue to blog 2-3 times a week. I am sure there will be lots to write about with testing coming up...and as the end of the year approaches, and all the fun that comes with that. I am excited that I am taking this summer off from teaching (I have taught summer school the last 2 years!)...I am taking some classes, and will be trying to organize things for next year. Oh, and there is that grant I said I wanted to write.

I am still not sure if I am going to loop with my current class to 4th grade..but that is my plan. I hope that it all works out. I know I will lose a few students and gain a few but I am looking forward to keeping the core group of boys. If not, I will start with a new group if boys. Either way, the adventure will continue and so will this blog.

I LOVE reading everyone's comments and I have tried to reply to most, and will continue to do so. I would also like to have a few guest blogs in the coming months so any of you teacher friends of mine who ware interested in being a guest blogger...let me know.

Thanks friends, old and new, for reading. Continue to, and feel free to suggest topics you would like for me to cover. I am happy to oblige. And who knows, I may try another one of these challenges in the coming months.


tSeaJake said...

Just wanted to say I'm proud of you for sticking to your month-long committment of blogging each day. I don't get a chance to read every post, but I try to catch them when I have spare time, and always love reading them! I will continue to follow for sure!

I need to pass mine onto to... it's more of a "mommy blog" instead of a teacher one. I don't have any followers... more just did it for myself, but I've been trying to be more dedicated to it lately. It's Hope to see you soon friend and WAY TO GO!!! :)

Cindy said...

I'm so going to miss your blogs everyday! They made me feel closer to GES and even made me smile when the pain was rough. You are one of the BEST!!